Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hi, a quick intro to the intention of this blog. I like many others have a Panasonic TV which has Viera Cast functionality allowing access to a limited range of streaming media direct from the internet. This is great in principle, however in practice it's limited to YouTube and a few others.

I'd like to discover how to expand this functionality on my set, and so this blog is two-fold. My knowledge and time I can spend on this work is limited, so I aim to show what I can do so far, with the hope that others with the time and ability can work from that and hopefully help improve what we can do.


  1. Hi stumbled across this blog.. :-)

    I have a question. Could you help?

    I have a TH-P42V20 in Malaysia. I plugged in a Wifi adapter into the USB port but when i try to set wireless settings, it says no WLAN device detected. What sort of WLAN adapters are compatible?

  2. It's only compatible with Panasonic's wifi adaptor, the DY-WL10. Either that or plug ethernet cable.

  3. The one function I would like to see in VieraCast is YouTube HD. Is it possible to develop a hack of some kind to enable this?

  4. Thanks. Apparently, according to the Malaysian service support, Netgear WNDA3100 is also compatible.

  5. It's become a bit quiet on this BLOG.
    Thanks to the info on this blog i was able to startup
    more quickly and have now also done some 'hacking'.

    I live in the Netherlands and have a TX-L42G20 Panasonic TV.

    Yesterday I managed to enable Twitter (that is already technically present, but not yet enabled...
    I could post it here, but can't find out how I can do that...

    Are you listening, 'customvieracast' ?
    Can you contact me?

  6. Yes I'm still here, just very busy with new job. I did get Twitter working too at one point (got files from US vieracast site, which you can see referenced in the initial .js). I did also get Pandora linked, but it ultimately rejects non-US IP addresses so couldn't get music to play. Might be possible via an anonymous proxy though?

    Glad to see I've helped someone get started. Struggling to find time to tinker more at the moment, but if you want to send me details of anything else you've managed to hack then send it to and I'll gladly add it to the blog with credits to you.

  7. Very cool website.. how about a flickr and netflix hack.. Since Panasonic decided to give crappy support to last years plasma tv owners. I will think twice before buying a panasonic next time.

  8. I don't have Skype in my viera cast home screen
    Please help how can I add it

  9. dear Ahmed, i am from kuwait, i have the same problem like yours, i bought 3D HD 65inch TH-P65VT20M

    i have tied to hack
    i opened the skype showed up and it didnt works :( some unknown error efff

    if u want to continue my work i will help u and tell you what i reached so far
    prob u could fix it or got a programmer can help

    btw i called the Panasonic middle east manger and he told me that the government law to block VOIP thats sucks, but he told me something he is sure 100% that you can buy a USA or Europe TV
    it will will works !!

  10. Hi

    I have create a forum dedicated to discussion on vieracast development in the hope of gathering all information in one place.

    Check it out here:

  11. hi

    i have a panasonic sa-btt350 with hardly any functionality whatsoever.

    It is already on the last firmware - 1.3.3 (i think) and all i can access is weather, picasso, twitter and youtube....nothing else.

    Is it possible to see, get anything else?

    Any help would be great